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Fighting Foreclosure In Riverside


Fighting Foreclosure:

Losing control of your finances, for whatever reason, can result in a gut-wrenching experience of anxiety and stress. You may be facing a potential foreclosure of your home or business that would effectively leave you out on the streets or with no place to conduct business. In today's tough economy, with home values reduced after a period of inflationary prices and questionable lending practices by banks and mortgagers, many Americans find themselves facing this prospect. Lenders are armed with in-house legal staffs whose sole purpose is to protect their employer's profits. If you are facing a possible California foreclosure, shouldn't you have the benefit of a legal professional who is looking out for your best interests?

At Foreclosure Attorneys of Riverside, you will find a legal team devoted to assisting you in the face of a potential foreclosure. You can discuss the facts and circumstances of your case with a Orange County foreclosure defense attorney at the firm who can review your case to determine the best way to proceed. Every foreclosure situation is different and each individual has his or her own objectives, needs, and individual story. Getting the precise information you need about your loan and foreclosure situation can give you the knowledge you need to make smart choices.

Possible Ways to Fight Foreclosure:

California has enacted a mandatory modification mediation law that requires you and your lender to meet and come up with some type of loan arrangement that would stop the foreclosure process. Furthermore, proper notice requirements and provisions (enacted by the legislature in 2009) must be given to borrowers by lenders and assignees of mortgages per revised California mortgage foreclosure laws. In situations where these procedures have not taken place according to law, the borrower may challenge the foreclosure action. Whenever it is discovered that lenders or assignees of mortgages have engaged in fraudulent actions or misleading documents in the loan process or in the foreclosure action, these misdeeds may be used to fight a pending foreclosure. Procedural defenses against foreclosure are another avenue of defense. These can include improper actions, falsehoods, or omissions on the part of the lender that occur during the legal process.

Because the firm's practice area is devoted to foreclosure defense, all of these possibilities can be investigated to stop or significantly delay a foreclosure action.

Contact a Riverside County foreclosure defense attorney at the firm for skilled legal help in fighting your California foreclosure case today.